Plexiglas Specialist for Aviation and Motorcar

Merkulow :
Plexiglas repair

A dynamic team at your service, realising on-site or in-house repairs and control of your plexiglas material and equipment.

Set up in October 1989, our activity started within the military environment with only one client : DASSAULT AVIATION. From a free-lance status, it became a 50 000 € capital S.A.R.L. on 1992. At the same time, our activity extended itself to the civill sector and integrated an "on site" intervention policy. In 1994, the compagny reached the european market : Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.
MERKULOW SARL is approved :
  • Agrement

    PART 145 FR 145.213

  • Homologation : DASSAULT AVIATION

    DGQ/AV N° 453/90.GL/SR

  • Ministry of defense

    N° FAOB6

Our company

A strong settelment in France with an openness to european markets

Our expertise allows us to be referenced by the greatest european airline companies and military aviation purchasers.

We intervene in-house or on-site as needed.

Since 1994, our firm is opened to european markets : Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italia, Spain and Netherlands.

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